Duo Ueda Offermans

Junko Ueda - biwa & voice
Wil Offermans - flutes

A music between orient and occident

Video Gallery

Below you see a list of some videos of Junko Ueda, performing solo as well as in various combinations. This list is updated as new videos become available. To see a video, click on the related video image.

Duo Ueda Offermans

Junko Ueda solo

Wil Offermans solo

Ilios, Caunes, France

Ilios - flute solo by Wil Offermans in Caunes, France
Live recording of the flute solo "Ilios" composed and here also performed by Wil Offermans at the Abbey Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul in Caunes Minervois (Aude) France on 3rd September 2011 as part of the "6th Festival Troubadoures chantent l'Art Roman".


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